Sensitiv Imago class® 100 (130) - Business model

This is a middle-class device which provides a 90% degree of diagnostic scan accuracy. It is targeted at beauty/spa salons as a new premium service for overall scan of organism and recommendation of health programs. Sensitiv Imago® class 100 can provide an overall health scan without prior gathering of patient's complaints.

Sensitiv Imago class® 500 (530) - Professional model

This is a top-of-the line, European award-winning model of Sensitiv Imago® that enables you to diagnose any pathology with a revolutionary 96% accuracy, within 1 hour. Sensitiv Imago® provides you the possibilities like no other equipment on the planet and is intended for use in professional holistic centers, by therapists or investment entrepreneurs/companies who are ambitious to set up a recession-proof business where you can beat all the competitors and make your patients heal you like their best friend.


We are proud to present the brand-new professional model Sensitiv Imago® 530CE. It was launched in November, 2013, certified as diagnostic device and is currently the best-selling Sensitiv Imago® model. An integral part of the equipment is the latest version of the Lifestream software and database. Measurement accuracy of the model 530 is up to 96%. The device is multi-functional and it can be used by naturopaths, nutritionists and alternative medicine, as well as by traditional doctors and even for scientific research.