Frequency compensation

The Sensitiv Imago diagnostic device uses algorithms of biophysical frequency compensation.

The biophysical method was introduced by Dr. F. Morrel and E. Rashe, a doctor and an engineer respectively in 1977 in Germany, and later on received the name "bioresonance healing".

This is an energy informative influence which causes them to change to their ideal condition (energy informative etalons of the healthy organism are registered in the memory of the device).

The level of the improvement can be traced during the session on the screen in real time. Chemical medicines cure the symptoms of the disease, but don't treat its cause. Sometimes they are necessary, but only nature can make a complete recovery. The human body is a complicated self-regulating biological system which radiates weak electromagnetic oscillations as everything in nature. These oscillations regulate all the levels of the human organism (sub cellular, cellular, organic, systemic) and keeps it in a healthy condition.

When the processes of self-regulation are violated in the organism there form and accumulate "incorrect", pathological electromagnetic oscillations that lead to the development of different illnesses. Nowadays the method of frequency compensation is the only single fundamentally new method of non-drug healing and prophylaxis.

Frequency compensation - is a method of healing which works with the help of the patient's own electromagnetic oscillations. There are three principles at the heart of this method:

  • Usage of the personal electromagnetic oscillations
  • Separation of a patient's electromagnetic oscillations into physiological ("healthy") and pathological ("unhealthy")
  • Inversion and suppression of the pathological oscillations. Restoring and strengthening of the physiological oscillations

Effect is brought about by the stimulation of the host's defences, excretion of toxins and toxic metabolic products, deactivation of infections, tissue regeneration, and stimulation of restorative processes in an organism.

Thanks to the universal approach to healing of various diseases and the maximal individualization of healing, frequency compensation is indicated for an immense variety of chronic skin problems, blackhead eruptions, warts, loss of hair, endocrine, hormonal disorders (frustration), migraines, weakened immunity system, osteoporosis, arthritis, psychosomatic over fatigue and many others.

Frequency compensation limits to a short time drug treatment, and afterwards avoids completely the usage of chemicals. Frequency compensation is a synthesis of modern achievements of energy informative medicine, biophysics and computer technologies. It's widely used in Germany, the USA, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Hungary.

BRT testing and healing

Sensitiv Imago allows to provide testing and holistic healing on different depth levels. Only recently an opportunity to restore cells functions on deep level appeared.

The first level of healing is BRT: the testing and healing - it is provided directly on limited, mostly changed structures. To achieve this, the "corridor" of influence is made only to specific zone, and healing is made only with electro-magnetic waves with frequency inverted (mirrored) to patients. That's why it's possible not to harm the tissue, that is very important when you heal all the body. Thus there is a healing and recovery of cells of the organ at a deep level. Constant monitoring of the healing yields the most effective result. The indicators are monitored for changes, after the healing session and after the end of testing and healing course. Such course of BRT allows to normalize the microflora of organ, remove inflammation and restore damaged organ functions.

Frequency compensation healing inside the Sensitiv Imago device is a more general type of action on whole area of organ, thus there is a harmonization of processes after the impact of BRT and recovery of all cells of the organ.

The Sensitiv Imago diagnostic device uses an original technique of automated production of energy and information preparations - (spectronosode is a spectral frequency, characterizing any process or preparation). They are used for getting the special energy and information preparations, similar to homeopathic ones having a precise aimed action.

The effect comes to awaking of hidden reserves of the organism. That explains the wide range of influence of the preparations and absence of side effects and contraindications when application of traditional medicinal means takes place at the same time. The energy and information preparations - are produced with the help of the option "INF transfer" using the Sensitiv Imago chamber circuited with the hardware-software complex.

Thus the information and wave influence of the equipment (combined influence of light, coherent laser beam and of acoustic electrical signal) is directed to a medium placed in the resonance chamber (put into a resonance can).

The standards can be:

  • in the inverted form
  • in their usual form

To summarize, Sensitiv Imago technology provides the following holistic healing methods: BRT, Frequency Compensation (healing) and Spectronosodes (personalized bio-energy drugs).